How to Pick the Right Fence for a Big Dog
on 09/12/2017

Dog ownership carries a heavy responsibility for their safety and well-being. Keeping an energetic dog contained in a backyard can be difficult for those that are talented and talented at climbing. Below are a few considerations to make in finding the best fence for your dog.



Big Dogs Need Big Containment

Dogs do not have to be really big to be excellent escape artists. A medium to large size dog can leap and jump over a smaller 4-foot fence as if it is not even there. You need to consider one that is around 6-foot in height to make sure they are adequately contained. Dogs are prone to excitement and can end up over a fence without much thought involved. They follow instinct and curiosity.


Consider Privacy Features

If your dog is unable to see the stray cat, or rogue squirrel on the run, chances are less they will want to try and get out of the yard and go in pursuit. Wood privacy fencing in areas that will be the outside relaxation spot for your dog is ideal. It will block everything but sound.


Behavior Training and Fighting Boredom

There are a few safe and fun methods to teach your dog to be less interested in what is going on beyond their property line. Check out a few of the dos training manuals available and see what works for your pet. Boredom is the cause of dogs escaping enclosures. Provide plenty of activities and toys to play with.


Climb-Proof Fence

Dogs can be one of the smartest pets out there. It is not unusual to hear stories of large dogs climbing out of a fenced yard that is chain link. Some have the ability to climb upwards using each level in the chain mesh material until they gain freedom. Keeping items like doghouses near the fence is another way they can get up higher and climb out.


Durable Materials

Doga can be pretty rambunctious and need a lot of areas to exercise and play. Their nails can wreak havoc on fencing that is constructed using poor materials. Always invest in quality fencing for the protection of your dog and durability of the fence.


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