Reasons to Hire a Professional Restoration Company After Suffering Storm Damage


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Regular spring and winter storms can wreak havoc on your home, but you also risk storms passing through during other times of the year causing some damage too. High winds and hail can rip off shingles and leave your roof exposed to the elements, which can lead to water leaks forming. You also risk storms doing damage to your foundation and gutters and even causing tree branches to crash through your windows. Once that storm passes, you’ll find some simple reasons to hire a storm restoration St Louis MO company to come out and inspect your home.



Roof Leaks

The number one reason to call professionals for help is because of the roof damage that you cannot see. Even if you have a ladder, you risk doing serious damage to yourself when you climb on the roof to check out the damage for yourself. One wrong move can result in you slipping and sliding off the roof and breaking a bone when you land. Restoration companies bring their own ladders and other equipment that helps workers stay safe when checking your roof for leaks and any other storm damage.

Foundation Damage

Damage to your foundation can occur for a few different reasons. It can happen because of clogs in your gutters that allow water to spill over and pool around the foundation. Damage can also occur because the storm brings lots of rainfall that penetrates through your foundation. Cracks in the stucco or any other covering is a clear sign of water damage, but some of this water damage is invisible to the naked eye. You need professionals to determine the extent of the damage and to pump out the water that collects in your basement or underneath your house.

Restoration Plan

Calling a restoration company for help is a good idea because those workers can come up with a complete restoration plan too. This is a plan that goes over the full extent of the damage to your home and lists all the repairs and work needed. You can show this plan to your insurer to make sure that the company will pay for all the work that you need done. Hiring professionals for a full inspection helps you see how much storm damage you suffered and the damage that occurred in places you cannot see like damage to the roof and foundation.… Read More

Ways to Protect Children from Possible Crimes


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Though some reports indicate that crime in West LA and other parts of the nation are lower than in the past, that doesn’t keep parents from worrying about their children every time those kids step outside. Parents and schools previously taught children about “stranger danger” and what to do when approached by a stranger, but the chances are greater that a child will suffer an attack at the hands of someone known rather than unknown. That is why adults need to look at new ways of protecting kids from different types of possible crimes.

One mistake that some make is that they teach kids to turn to any adult for help. This gives the child the idea that adults can do no wrong and that all adults are safe, which isn’t always true. A child may not tell anyone about a teacher’s inappropriate touching because the child thinks the teacher is always right. Parents and other adults need to teach kids what is good and what is wrong. They can then focus on teaching those children that they can talk to their parents about anything that is wrong.

Using a tracking app is another way to keep kids safe, especially older and younger children who regularly carry cell phones. Many companies now make apps that parents can download to phones and other devices. Some cell phone carriers offer similar tracking systems too. Parents have a user name and password that they can use to access the app and see where the phone and the child is at any given moment. These apps update quickly, and many have a real time feature that shows those watching each time it moves. Parents can use these apps to keep track of their children and find kids who go missing.

Parents and teachers should also talk to younger children about the consequences of their actions. Kids often have a hard time seeing the connections between two actions or activities. They watch television shows and movies that feature actors doing bad things and getting rewarding. Parents need to make it clear that kids should not idolize criminals and that committing crimes can lead to jail time and other penalties. Raising kids today is hard, but there are things that parents can do at home and teachers can do at school to protect kids from violent and other types of crimes.… Read More

How to Pick the Right Fence for a Big Dog


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Dog ownership carries a heavy responsibility for their safety and well-being. Keeping an energetic dog contained in a backyard can be difficult for those that are talented and talented at climbing. Below are a few considerations to make in finding the best fence for your dog.



Big Dogs Need Big Containment

Dogs do not have to be really big to be excellent escape artists. A medium to large size dog can leap and jump over a smaller 4-foot fence as if it is not even there. You need to consider one that is around 6-foot in height to make sure they are adequately contained. Dogs are prone to excitement and can end up over a fence without much thought involved. They follow instinct and curiosity.


Consider Privacy Features

If your dog is unable to see the stray cat, or rogue squirrel on the run, chances are less they will want to try and get out of the yard and go in pursuit. Wood privacy fencing in areas that will be the outside relaxation spot for your dog is ideal. It will block everything but sound.


Behavior Training and Fighting Boredom

There are a few safe and fun methods to teach your dog to be less interested in what is going on beyond their property line. Check out a few of the dos training manuals available and see what works for your pet. Boredom is the cause of dogs escaping enclosures. Provide plenty of activities and toys to play with.


Climb-Proof Fence

Dogs can be one of the smartest pets out there. It is not unusual to hear stories of large dogs climbing out of a fenced yard that is chain link. Some have the ability to climb upwards using each level in the chain mesh material until they gain freedom. Keeping items like doghouses near the fence is another way they can get up higher and climb out.


Durable Materials

Doga can be pretty rambunctious and need a lot of areas to exercise and play. Their nails can wreak havoc on fencing that is constructed using poor materials. Always invest in quality fencing for the protection of your dog and durability of the fence.


Contact experienced fence companies St Petersburg FL like Family Fence and find out more about safe fencing for your dog today!… Read More