Protecting Water Storage Tank in an Environmental Compliance Era


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Ground-level and elevated steel tank for storing water is an integral part of a water distribution system. It ensures adequate water pressure and enough supply of clean, potable drinking water. It also serves as a landmark for most communities. But if these bolted tanks are not properly maintained, they become a significant liability to the community not only to the household it serves. Poor maintenance could lead to corrosion-generated leaks and potential service interruptions or worse, a health hazard. Today, there are high-performance water tanks and high stable coating system that is available in the market to help avoid corrosion on water tanks. Aside from meeting Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC regulations, these tanks have environmentally-friendly coatings that offer finish quality and application advantages compared to traditional solvent-based coatings. These environment-friendly coatings create a mechanical bond with steel substrates on new reservoirs and provide a far superior adhesion compared to layers used by older tanks. They are also compatible with cathodic coatings. By knowing the cause of corrosion on storage water tanks and the characteristics of high solids and waterborne coatings is an effective and economical way to maintain the tanks.

Destructive Forces

All portable storage water tanks are susceptible to corrosion and other metal and steel problems. Finding the best coating for maintaining the water tank starts with the assessment of the corrosive factors present inside or outside the container.

We all know that corrosion is a natural phenomenon based on chemistry, electricity, and metallurgy. When refining and smelting iron ore to produce steel used in storage water tank construction, energy is added. It will result in energy imbalance. Nature will do its work to fight this imbalance by releasing the energy back in the form of electrons. It will cause the steel to corrode and return to being iron oxide, or as we know, rust. You can compare the process of corrosion to a stone being rolled up a hill. For example, if you push a rock higher up the hill, the energy you exerted will expand. Once the excess energy is removed, the stone will begin to roll down the mountain and slowly loses its energy until it reaches the bottom of the hill. In the same way, metals, especially steel contain a certain amount of energy, and it slowly loses its energy over time.

For corrosion to occur, three elements need to be present: metal, oxygen, and electrolyte. Areas with high energy that corrodes are called anodes, and the area that receives the released energy is called the cathode. Cathode and anode are made of the same alloy, same structure with steel that is used in water storage tanks. Metal will act as a conductor, and the area on the steel are those that corrodes. Electrolyte will serve as a medium that will surround the metals to transfer energy and current flow. It will serve a significant role in the corrosion process. An electrolyte with low conductivity will produce less corrosion and vice versa. Because the … Read More

How to Build a Low-Cost Home


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Today, many people are considering building their own homes from scratch. Starting from buying land, designing, building, to becoming a habitable house. But unfortunately, these considerations are often constrained by costs. Therefore, for those of you who want to build their own homes, here are some tips and how to build a low-cost house. Hopefully it can be a consideration and a way out of the problem of budget constraints in building a house.

1. Simple geometry
One of the things that will add extra costs to building a house is to start with a complicated plan, full of curves and complexity. It is also common knowledge that designs that are increasingly difficult to do will require extra large costs to make it happen. So, design the house simply. Simple geometry can be an option because it’s easy to make, low in cost, but still makes the house look beautiful.

2. Consider building methods and construction
Don’t think of cheap up front, but it turns out that the durability is short so you need to do continuous renovations. Better choose a quality and long lasting. In essence, invest in this.

3. Labor costs
Labor is a high proportion of total costs. So, you can consider choosing the best with a price that fits the bag. This decision will certainly affect the construction method you choose.
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Tips for Building an Ideal Small Home that is Comfortable and Affordable


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Simple home designs are not always synonymous with low-cost low-cost homes with modest quality.
Many think that designing a dream house must be ideal and luxurious if we can. A statement that is not wrong actually. However, is it true that we need a house with a large and spacious size? While the contents of the house are only a few people? not even more than 5 people?

Having a home is certainly everyone’s dream. Having a home is always a part of your dreams. However, owning a house does not mean having to have a house with a large and large size and it does not reveal a functional architectural design, it is even more visible as something that is too excessive and a waste of energy, especially costs.
About the cost, to own a house is not an easy and inexpensive matter. Especially now when the offers are tempting and tempting to have a living space with all the amenities and complete facilities, the ideal home picture is always depicted in an advertisement. The problem is then, of course not everyone is able to have it.
Simple home designs are not always synonymous with low-cost low-cost homes with modest quality. But it is more towards how to display simplicity in the construction or architectural design of a house.
A simple house can indeed be synonymous with a subsidized small house from a government that; yes, if you can say; still often problematic, especially in terms of construction. But do not mean as an attitude of disrespect for the government’s efforts to ensure every citizen has a house, or the initiative of the private sector to design living space and dream housing at low cost, but in fact, the design of such a simple house is sometimes too simple, so it is natural to lack interest.
Something that must be designed or made as simple as possible, but not meaningful is really simple, especially when considering the process. Many elements and elements are also factors that must be really considered.
Here are some tips for designing a dream home; the design of the house is simple, but full of meaning and very comfortable and certainly affordable which is quoted from think architect.
Simple home design; Keep it small
When we see houses around us, we see a common problem, buildings look too big. How much space do you really need?
Instead of building a bigger house, it is better to throw away items that are not used. Why do you keep damaged equipment in the basement, outdated clothes, and do you really need them? This problem is really simple; most families don’t need more than 200 square meters of houses, unless your house is occupied by more than 5 people.
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